The Beam or Cyclo Vac central vacuum systems are ideal for for houses and departments in building process, already constructed or in remodeling; beach or rustic houses and departments; offices and commercial venues, restaurants, beauty parlors, spas, hotels, hospitals and much more.


Some of the benefits of having a central vacuum system are:


Time-saving and convenience:


No need to lift heavy vacuum cleaners and hitting doors and walls. With a central vacuum system, you only need to plug the hose to the wall inlet. Vacuuming any surface is done between 40% to 50% faster compared with a broom.


Excellent for any surface:


Cleans effectively ceramic floors, wood, carpets, rugs, furniture, closets, curtains, blinds, cabinets, cars, garages, windows and any place you want to be cleaned effortlessly, comfortably, quickly and silently.


Powerful and quiet:


A central vacuum system is 5 times more powerful than a conventional vacuum cleaner. In addition it is so silent that you could be able to clean even if there are children sleeping, listening to music or watching TV.


Easy maintenance:


It will not be necessary to buy bags or to change the filter. You will only have to empty the dirt bucket approximately every 2 to 3 months.


Greater value to your home or business:


A central vacuum system will be an acquisition of very much value for your home or business since the appreciation will increase automatically.


Healthy and hygienic environment:


Avoid dust recycling inside your home and improve indoor air quality. In addition a central vacuum system removes microbes and mites with thanks to its filtration process, relieving allergy symptoms.



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