The first thing that must be done at the time to carry out the installation of a central vacuum system is a good planning, to guarantee that the system will have a perfect operation once it is installed. To do this we must ensure that we can get to all the corners of the house, counting with the necessary inlet valves, which number will depend on the size of the house and the length of the hose.


The ideal is to place the inlet valves in common areas with the objective of facilitating the access to several rooms with the same valve; this will allow us to cover as much surface area as possible.


Then you have to think about the central unit, so you have to keep in mind the dimensions of the house, which will influence in the number of valves to be installed. For example, to cover an area of ​​about 300 m2 there will be required about four  inlets, which will need a central unit of about 1,600 W; if the surface is about 1,400 m2, the central unit should have a motor of about 1,750 W to power the 16 inlets that would be needed.


You should also keep in mind other features of the central units, such as those with an automatic discharge mechanism. If the central unit counts with this property, it means that you can vacuum any surface with the advantage that the automatic discharge system will prevent you to be in contact with dust and dirt.


After choosing the most suitable central unit for your needs, you must choose the location of it. To do this it is advisable to use a place of the house that is not used in the normal development of your life in the house; such as the garage, a wall cupboard, a closet, etc.


The space chosen must have a good air circulation, and otherwise to prevent the air from being vitiated, a hole to the outside with dimensions greater than the pipe that goes to the center, so that this takes the air outlet of the same. This connection can be made with had flexible so that it is more comfortable, while the hole can be plugged with a grid, in order to avoid the entry of small animals like rodents.


For the installation of the central unit you will need a suitable electrical outlet to the consumption of the machine, which is located less than one meter from the it. On the other hand, if the central unit is located in a basement, the outlet should be located one and a half meters from the ground, to avoid inconveniences in case of flood.

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