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Unlike conventional vacuums cleaners, the Beam and Cyclo Vac power units use a filtration process through filters and bags, which removes tiny particles at a stunning 98% efficiency at 0.9 microns or major dust size, dirt, mites, pollen and other allergens.


In addition, due to the engine power that generates a cyclonic aspiration speed, the particles do not stick to the Beam and Cyclo Vac filters and/or bags as with the conventional filters. The power of suction always is to it's maximum performance, prolonging the life of the engine and guaranteeing an efficiency of aspiration as if it was new whenever it is in use.


Besides, it is clinically proven that the Beam and Cyclo Vac central vacuum systems improve indoor air quality in an effective way and reduces allergy symptoms in more than 61% thanks to the engine power and bags and filters from Beam and Cyclo Vac .









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